Project Partners

SmartDress is an EC funded project under Framework 7, research for SME's. Within the project a fully adaptive system for spot welding electrode maintenance has been created. The SmartDress system represents a significant step forward in electrode tip dressing technology, offering a functionality and performance beyond the scope of any system presently on the market.

The SmartDress project team consists of four SME's; Sinterleghe srl. a leading producer of electrode tip dressing equipment, Fisher-Smith a provider of specialised visual system solutions, Finaids a provider of high spec industrial abrasives and Swantec a world leader in modelling software for welding processes. Technical developments are driven by three research organisations; TWI responsible for the technical performance of the resistance spot welding process, Fraunhofer IPMS responsible for the development of the optical sensor, VTT responsible for providing an abrasive dressing solution.