Sinterleghe S.r.l

SME Partner
Contact Person: Eugenio Tedeschi

General: Sinterleghe produces tip-dressers, tip-changers and cutters for the tip-dressing of spot welding electrodes, and the copper tip consumable used in the resistance spot welding process. Production takes entirely place in Sinterleghe's plant located in Anzola d'Ossola (VB) Italy, with company administration based in Torino.

Expertise: Sinterleghe’s core business, is the development and marketing of products/services and solutions related to the application of tip dress technology in robotic and manual automotive production lines. As a supplier to a range of large end-users (including VW, Skoda and Fiat), Sinterleghe has experience in co-ordinating large projects, whist utilising its marketing division to promote the performance of its current products to a range of end-users. The company has developed a number of patented products, which are applied by a number of LE automotive end users.

Role in project: As an SME partner with experience in project management, current systems build and testing, and protection of IPR; Sinterleghe is ideally suited to several roles. Eugenio Tedeschi will act as SmartDress project coordinator. Following on from the development and initial validation of the SmartDress system by the RTD performers, Sinterleghe will lead the demonstration (WP6) and exploitation and dissemination (WP7) work packages.

Benefits expected: As the supplier of the complete SmartDress solution, Sinterleghe will see substantial benefits through extending its current product range, and introducing an entirely new and innovative product to its customers. This will ensure continued growth in a highly competitive market; culminating in a 30M gross profit 5 years after product launch.

Key personnel: Eugenio Tedeschi is General Manager of Sinterleghe, and was instrumental in creation of the company in 1989. He has 22 years of experience in product development, business development and project management, allowing him to build a business that now supports 12 multinational LE automotive end users. His role in project management, and continued consultation with key clients makes him an ideal candidate for the role of project coordinator..