Fisher Smith (FSS)

SME Partner
Contact Person: Keith Philpot

General: Fisher Smith (FSS) was founded in 2004 and has a vast experience, over 25 years, of machine vision and industrial control systems. This strong background has allowed the development of two key software products, RoboVis and GenVis. Written and developed in house with useability and flexibility in mind both products are now mature and stable machine vision platforms.

Expertise: FSS has extensive knowledge of end-user requirements for sensor performance in complementary production line systems (assembly transfer, product marking/identification).

Role in project: As the SME who will produce the tip dress quality sensor, FSS will share information with Fraunhofer IPMS on system construction options, performance and manufacture; throughout WP3 and WP5. FSS will be heavily involved in the exploitation and dissemination activities (WP7) toward the end of the project; through their links within the industry sector and current customers.

Benefits expected: The SmartDress system will utilise a new sensor system. This will be produced by FSS and subsequently sold to Sinterleghe. In addition, FSS will be able to market the sensor independently to existing end-users of RSW equipment, allowing improvements to current production line quality. FSS will expand their product range within the automotive sector, increasing revenue in the order of 2.7M over the 5 years following SmartDress product launch.

Key personnel: