Finishing Aids and Tools Ltd.

SME Partner
Contact Person: Chris Howcorft

FinAids specialises in supplying a full programme of surface finishing abrasive products for a wide range of industries in the EU. Together with specific ranges of portable electric, pneumatic and flexible shaft machines, the company offers a comprehensive problem-solving service and technical support for the application of abrasives tooling.

Expertise: FinAids will supply support to the consortium through an in depth knowledge of current abrasive materials and systems. The company has 50 years of experience in the development and application of abrasive materials and tooling for a diverse range of industrial applications.

Role in project: FinAids will provide advice on the selection of potential abrasive materials, and the supply of consumables for the development of the abrasive dresser element of the SmartDress system. In this way, FinAids will be able to offer some support to VTT during the materials selection and development stage of WP2 (Task 2B).

Benefits expected: From being involved in the project, Finishing Aids expects to continue to develop its expertise in the manufacturing and supply of abrasive systems. The abrasive system tooling, will form a key element of the SmartDress system. This will expand FinAid’s product range, and will be marketed as part of the complete system; but also independently to current automotive production lines; offering increased sales of 1.9M (5 years post project).

Key personnel: Chris Howcroft (Managing Director) has been with the company for 15 years and has more than 20 years experience with abrasive system design and application. He has overseen the development and launch of a range of products by FinAids..